Bugatti launches an enigmatic teaser, is your new hiperdeportivo, the new Chiron?

ImaginEBugatti . A word game in which Bugatti has entered the name of the founder of the brand and which we anticipate the release of their new hiperdeportivo . A machine that could respond to the name of Chiron according to the latest information and replaces the fantastic Veyron . A hiperdeportivo born in a world where the fact of exceed 1,000 CV is not an achievement . You have to impress with figures, with performance and exclusivity. Does this Bugatti have what it takes?

Could we know the substitute Veyron in a few weeks, in Frankfurt.

The teaser is short and obscures more than a road. A voiceover talks about the search for maximum speed, the pursuit of continuous improvement. To end the video clearly turbocharged engine roars. Their sound is clearly an engine configuration W16 , supposedly an evolution of the current propeller Veyron, but endowed with hybridization. A motor whose power is estimated at 1,500 hp , but whose actual power could be even higher. All the cards are still on the table.

The engine 8.0 W16 and a hybrid system would enable theoretically do 0 to 100 km / h in only 2.0 seconds , thanks to a permanent all-wheel drive system , how could it be otherwise. Its top speed would be of no less than 464 km / h. A dizzying figure that no other supercar has been able to match. Recall that the Veyron Super Sport still has the Guinness record for top speed for a road car, with its 431 km / h top. In Frankfurt we should know the new best hiperdeportivo the world …


Source: Carscoops
In motor: The successor to the Bugatti Veyron called Chiron, will do the 0-100 km / h in two seconds and reach 464 km / h

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