Bugatti opens dealership largest of its history in Dubai

Concesionario de Bugatti en Dubái

The new Bugatti Chiron exposed at the dealership largest ever opened by Bugatti.

it Is evident that in regions of the Middle East where the dollars associated with the “black gold” are conducive to the manufacturers of the supercars more exclusive on the planet to bet for these places to expand their business with the opening of new facilities and / or marketing of specific products. Bugatti is a clear example of this, and even more so after the last bet of the French brand.

Bugatti just unveiled a dealer-largest in its history. . Where is it? In the heart of Dubai. We are faced with a number of facilities in the luxury and exclusivity are present even in the smallest detail. This is the fifteenth dealership that Bugatti has opened following its new design and model. The construction and commissioning of these facilities has been made possible thanks to the local partner of the company, AI Habtoor Motors.

a subsidiary of Bugatti in the United Arab Emirates is the largest economic performance is giving to the mark. To date has won 30 orders for the purchase of the new Bugatti Chiron, a model whose production was started recently and will be limited to 70 units annually to ensure that they all meet the high quality standards of the firm. In total, the marked region represents 26% of the orders of the Chiron.

Concesionario de Bugatti en Dubái

The dealership’s largest Bugatti is located in the heart of Dubai.

Recall that, during the Geneva motor show 2017 last march the brand itself confirmed it has already sold half of the production of its new model. Bugatti Chiron will be manufactured 500 units and each one of them has a starting price of 2.4 million euros. A price many are willing to pay to enjoy its engine W16 Quad-Turbo, 8.0-liter with 1,500 HP and 1,600 Nm of maximum torque.

Returning to the new dealer of Bugatti in Dubai, in facilities whose surface area covers 240 square metres, we find references to the company in numerous elements. An example is the entrance to the dealership that has the characteristic shape of a horseshoe, with almost 4 meters of height. In its interior we can appreciate furniture design, historical references of the brand and, ultimately, an environment private to the pair that is exclusive in order to configure this jewel on wheels.

If it is not first, then sooner or later a large part of the production of the Bugatti Chiron will end up somewhere in the Middle East. And is that, in the case of its predecessor, the Bugatti Veyron, only in the United Arab Emirates we found 55 units.