Bugatti reveals stunning new video of the tests of the Chiron


These four copies of the Chiron toured this summer with 35,000 miles.

Bugatti has released a spectacular video of part of the development testing of the new Chiron. Specifically the tests in the environment of high temperatures, carried out in the National Park of the Valley of Death in the united States, where the brand deployed a whole caravan of copies of the new hiperdeportivo 1,500 horses.

These tests were conducted this summer, so that the copies, despite being units of pre-production used as prototypes for testing, in some cases, were not provided with any type of camouflage, showing, at least apparently, their configurations complete and final.


According to the brand, the Chiron has had a development program, very complete, adding that it is something unprecedented in the segment of supercars. Affirmation somewhat exaggerated, in our opinion, since many other brands, including some of the same group to which belongs to Bugatti, they are also famous for their intensive programs of development and evolution.


Not only has 1,500 HP, is also one of the hiperdeportivos more refined.

the creation of The successor to the Veyron has been a tour-de-force have employee for up to 30 prototypes, four of which are shown in the last video posted by the brand.

In these tests in the united States, the test team traveled to several desert areas of the west coast and the midwest, looking for higher temperatures in places like Death Valley or Monument Valley. In total walked about to 35,000 miles in 4 and a half weeks, coming to withstand temperatures of up to 51.5 degrees celsius.

of course, the mark has not been reported none of the problems that it may have suffered one of the prototypes in the face of such torture. Although that is exactly what they are looking for these tests, to submit to the worst conditions possible the vehicle, the mechanics and all of its systems to check its resistance and to be able to detect possible failures to remedy.


His mechanical of 16 cylinders and 8.0 liters derives from the premiered in the Veyron.

The resulting video of these days of testing are quite spectacular, which features a greatly eye-catching specimens of Chiron, in wild places where it can hardly be seen a model of these characteristics.