Bugatti takes home the award for the best stand of Geneva

Bugatti. Possibly, one of the most well-known brands of the world, was present during the recent Geneva motor show 2017. There, the brand Francoitaliana placed his small stand in the Pavilion number 1 of Palexpo.

Adjacent with Audi Sport, Porsche, Koenigsegg and Pagani. I small view! As if. But Bugatti will not yield to any opponent and provided a small space in which was exhibited for the occasion unit number 1 of the Bugatti Chiron to make drooling almost all of the mortals there were.

A single car, but what else? Chiron, by itself, causes a feeling that you don’t expect everyone who sees it for the first time. A car that falls short in all adjectives. A true gem to the world of the automobile but, in addition to being an engineering marvel and one of the cars most exclusive in the world, on top of all that, is a precious car, capable of leaving you speechless. A wonder.


One of the cars most beautiful that exist: Bugatti Chiron

And thanks to the good work of the that can boast the brand of the oval, the Club Advertising and Communication of Geneva (CPG), has awarded to Bugatti for having the stand better designed of the entire room. Well deserved.

Bugatti has demonstrated that less is more, and taking one of the exhibitors in the smaller hall has managed to overshadow the larger on his small plot in the queen the minimalism more elegant. In the area of exposure was the Chiron, mentioned above, and by separating the spaces with a walls of height spot, was the area for clients and another area for friends and guests of the brand.

In the ( for customers was table of current design surrounded by a small room of oval shape, in which its lower walls were covered with art. Decorating it with parts of the Bugatti Chiron to arrange to see your lucky future clients, what type of quality we are talking about when you mention a brand of the stature of Bugatti. We talk about wheels, brake calipers in multiple colors, leather types, flyer, etc…


The signature of the creator of the brand, Ettore Bugatti, in the dashboard of the Chiron

In the area for guests some small tables and a few seats in which to enjoy the catering offered by the brand to every one guest’s brand. Also decorated with pictures of multiple models Bugatti, as the EB110, Type 35, Veyron or the 57SC Atlantic (for many, one of the cars most beautiful of the story), among others.

The jury was composed by specialists in communication and advertising of which, the great majority, was ecstatic with the stand that Bugatti prepared. Had No choice but to granting him the well-deserved award.

Recall that Bugatti came to the Geneva with half of the production of the Chiron already sold. In total 250 cars a total of 500 that make up the entire run, at the rate of € 2.4 million per unit (without tax), although this price is always relative, in accordance to the particularities of each client. Hace 2 weeks began deliveries to their wealthy owners.


Stand of Bugatti in Geneva

The Geneva Auto show in march 2017 has closed its doors, and with this, we have carried the pleasant memory of having been present stomping ground of geneva in this 87 edition. In a year we return to see us Palexpo. Up soon.