Buick Avista Concept, do we overtake Detroit an Opel Insignia Coupe?

Since General Motors and Opel formalize their union, we have seen how different models of German brand have crossed the Atlantic by changing the name. The reverse process has hardly been seen, but something tells us that after the Buick Avista Concept presented at the Detroit motor show 2016 can hide an Opel Insignia Coupe.


it is impossible for Us to look to the Buick Avista Concept and not remember the Opel Monza

The truth is that it is not the first time that the idea of us round the head, because, if you well remember, some years ago, back in 2013, Opel introduced in society a prototype very special, the Opel Monza Concept. The event took place in the Hall of Frankfurt of this year, even though by that time Opel stated that it was a design study we ahead of the new image of the future models of the firm.

And the truth is that this has been. Today we see as the new models of Opel have a picture very similar to that of the Monza Concept, a clear example is the Opel Astra. But returning to the case of Buick, we also observed many details of that prototype in this. Not to say that the greater part of the design is taken from the German.

Announced as a Great contemporary Tourism, the Avista Concept presents a style very bold, yet stylish. A nose sharp has a large quantity of ribs and angles that reinforce the sporty character. A concept that extends to the rest of the design, from the side, with 20-inch wheels, to the back, which in this case if it shows more changed with respect to the prototype of Opel.


Defined as a great tourism Avista Concept can serve as a platform for future models

In regards to the interior, we can simply say that it is futuristic. Surfaces digital monopolize the bulk of the space, nor is left to see much element of the “traditional”, such as button panels or wheels. A cabin with capacity for four people to travel in the most minimalist and comfortable as possible. Because one of the hallmarks of Buick is your attention by the quality.

In the mechanical part of the Avista Concept stands out by a powerful block gasoline twin-turbo V6, three-liter with 400 horsepower. An engine that Buick has not wished to enter into details, saying only that has the technology of saving fuel, as the system Start&Stop and automatic disconnection of cylinders.

So now well. Taking into account that the Opel Insignia 2017 already is finalizing its tests in the face of its official presentation. There is nothing unreasonable to think that Opel wants to expand the range of your vehicle. A way to capture more customers, and that is already used by other brands, such as Mercedes. In a few months we will know if these ideas end up being certain. But the truth is that it would not be wrong to see an Insignia Coupé.


Great creative work in the interior, where the presence of digital screens