Buick Regal 2017, caught the new Opel Insignia u.s.

Buick Regal 2017 - foto espía

just a couple of weeks ago my mate Fran López echoed the latest spy photos of the new Opel Insignia and 2017. A model that is still in development (this time to face a few tests on snow) and that will hit the old continent at the beginning of next year. Well, in this case, our photographers have managed to hunt for the first time new Buick Regal 2017.

Basically defined as the Opel Insignia u.s., this is the first time that we can see the new Regal under the lens. If we compare both photos spies, the new Insignia, with these that we show under the label Buick, the truth is that both test units are virtually identical. It is more almost used in a way identical camouflage to try to hide the changes it will unveil the next Regal.

And the truth is that, if we read from the US, little new we can tell with regard to the new Opel Insignia. Will be virtually the same. Yes, the camo stops to appreciate some changes in the B-pillar of the new Buick Regal 2017. In addition, if we take a look at the area later, we will find a dual exhaust system, something that was not seen in the Badge photographed a few weeks ago.

Buick Regal 2017 - foto espía

The Opel Insignia is sold in the united States under the brand Buick.

The camouflage reveals also the same group of optics and drivers rear. For the rest, of the moment we can not comment more changes to jump to the view with the exception of the own a “rebadged” under the brand name of Buick. It is better to continue to wait for the test units begin to lose camouflage. Something that should not take a long time.

By the way, another detail that is interesting cool is that the new Buick Regal, as well as the new Badge, will be mounted on the platform E2XX General Motors. An architecture that was premiered by the all-new Chevrolet Malibu. And in terms of possible release date, we take for granted that it will be similar to the Badge, so that we could see the new Buick Regal in the american licensees at the beginning of next year 2017.