Buick Regal GS 2018: first images of the version more sports

Buick Regal GS 2018

So it looks like the new Buick Regal GS 2018, the latest version sports the range.

Not so long ago leaked the first images of the Buick Regal GS. The latest version sports the saloon “cousin sister” of the Opel Insignia is prepared for its launch in the chinese market. And although it will also be marketed in north America, the most interesting of these official images is that they allow us to get an idea of the expected Opel Insignia OPC.

As we well know (thanks to the various spy photos that we have gotten), the OPC version for the new generation of the Opel Insignia Grand Sport is on the way. Its development continues and it is a matter of time that the mark of the ray decides to make his debut. For now, have only been published two pictures of the Buick Regal GS 2018. One of the exterior and the other interior.

The truth is that there are no big surprises. The main elements that will look like the Regal GS with respect to the Regal basic are expected. Adopt a new front bumper with air inlets of larger size and a grill reviewed in which looks like the logo GS. It also calls our attention to the side skirts and large alloy wheels with a black finish and leave it up to the view of the calipers in red.

Buick Regal GS 2018 - interior

A look inside the Buick Regal GS 2018.

For now we do not have pictures of the rear, but if we heed to the spy photos and leaks released to date, will look around exhaust outlets trapezoidal and a new bumper in line with the now looks like in the front. And it will also have a brief but interesting spoiler nicely integrated on top of the trunk.

Leaving aside the outside, if we put the spotlight on the interior, the environment in black with red details add warmth and elegance. The steering wheel lined in perforated leather or the sports pedals and settings in carbon fiber reveal that we are not before a Buick Regal conventional.

Now, the most important thing that we offer the Buick Regal GS 2018 hides under its bonnet. The specific model for the u.s. market will be powered by a V6 engine 3.6-liter with 300 HP. According to the latest information leaked, the chinese version of the Buick Regal GS will opt for a engine 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine with a 250 CV so that it will not be necessary to import to the asian giant the pointed block V6.