Buick Regal GS: 310 HP for the insignia Ssi us

The Buick Regal GS is the equivalent of america’s Opel insignia GSi, but with the engine of 3.6 liters with 310 horsepower and a automatic nine-speed transmission. In the united States will cost 39.990 dollars.

Andl Opel Insignia GSi will be one of the innovations that the German brand has prepared to bring to the next Frankfurt motor show and at the same time that Opel takes the first images and information of the sports saloon, the north american branch did the same with the Buick Regal GS, as known to the Badge GSi in the united States.

In terms of exterior design there are virtually no differences between the two models, beyond the logos and the grill, plus some other subtle details that are specific to the model intended for the North american markets.

Retains, however, the bumper design specific, the integrated spoiler in the bootlid, the side skirts, the rear diffuser, exhaust outlets chrome-plated etc

In terms of the interior, there also the differences are almost non-existent, even with the same sports seats with integrated head restraints, upholstery leather, pedals in aluminum, headliner in black, trim-specific, etc

however, in where if there is a very big difference is in its mechanics, because the Buick Regal GS adopts a propeller different to the German model; a gasoline engine of 3.6 liters that produces 310 HP of power and that as in the Flagship GSi, it is also combined with a system of four wheel drive.

in Addition to the 50 HP extra, the north american model will take an automatic transmission of nine speeds, in place of the change of the eight relationships, which will be offered in the Old Continent.

The price of output Buick Regal GS for the united States shall be 39.990 $ .