Buick Velite concept: officially unveiled the advancement of the new hybrid


Comes the new hybrid from GM to the chinese market.

few days Ago I brought the first filtration of the new prototype of Buick, the Velite Concept, especially prepared to be presented to the Hall of Guangzhou 2016. And although it is only the advancement of a model that will be marketed in the chinese market, we attracted everybody’s attention that had nothing to do with the production model, widely leaked in recent months.

While the Velite serial will be a simple Chevrolet Volt remarcado with the emblems of Buick, the prototype created for your presentation on China is not only not looks, but even belongs to the same segment.

Introduced by the brand as a crossover, what is certain is that it seems like a sport hatchback, with certain air to the family Astra Opel. Including the boomerang shape of the LED daytime running lights, headlights, although that is a trait that they share several brands of General Motors, including Opel and Holden.


With this concept predates the arrival of the new hybrid Buick.

The appellation used, in addition, is not new, as the u.s. firm used that same name for a concept, 2004. The reason of this strange prototype we believe may be owed to the intention of the brand raise expectation about their future model electric extended range, which as we already know, corresponds mostly with the Chevrolet Volt.

Developed in Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) joint venture between General Motors and SAIC in Shanghai, the Velite concept takes its inspiration in the water and the traditional chinese culture, according to the mark in his note of presentation.

The firm has not revealed images of detail, nor of its technical section or your passenger compartment, but claims that it has a platform mechanics-type plug-in hybrid, which we understand to be the same that we can find in the Volt Chevy.


The Velite production will be a mere Volt pointed out. Image: CarNewsChina

with panoramic roof and an interior made in recyclable materials, and according to the company offers the numerous elements of driving assistance, which allow the vehicle to warn of lane departure, the distance from the vehicle that precedes us, and adaptive cruise control.