Bulgaria will be the door of entrance of chinese cars in Europe

Bulgariabrands cars chinese have spent years warning of their landing in Europe. However they have not yet arrived as they had planned. The reason is simple: neither their cars nor its finished or movement are to the height of what consumers demand from the old continent. Also loaded with other San Benito very important, security.

This aspect is not yet fully developed for these brands and in the cash test of shock, their models are unable to get one or two stars. We still have in our mind the crash test of Jianglin Landwind in which in addition to crashing the model crashed the mark. However every rule has its exception and in this case we can speak of Qoros and how you are trying to achieve in the market.

Bulgaria Great Wall Haval H2however there are some brands, such as Great Wall, are starting to get into some other european market as in Bulgaria. The methodology is simple: to homologate a new model, the marks must pass a series of essential requirements. Some of them are the security, a minimum level of equipment and that their engines comply with the regulations of pollution.

But to this rule to approve the new vehicles also is applied to an exception. In this case, it includes the following words. The vehicles that are sold under production runs, very limited, may violate certain aspects of this regulation approvals. Well, there is where is the passport to that Great Wall and other chinese brands to enter Europe.

Great Wall aware of this situation and has established a business relationship in Bulgaria Litex Motors. Through this collaboration has created a factory in the town of Lovech with installed generating capacity for up to 70,000 units per year. In these facilities, what is done is the mount spins very low of the Great Wall H6 and the pickup Steed 5. In addition, they are adapting the facilities to start manufacturing the new SUV H2.

Thanks to this arrangement the units are produced in Europe and their transport costs are lower because they do not have to pay certain tariffs. In addition, taking advantage of the production by short-run are being released in certain countries as Bulgaria or Italy, where they are already creating a distribution network.

Will be very pending to know what will be the next moves of the brands as soon we could have on our markets, and with these credentials presentation could be a real danger for our roads.