Bultaco Linx: The surprise of Bultaco to the EICMA show, a roadster for 850 lbs and 400 HP


aluminium Frame and minimum weight.

Bultaco has surprised all and sundry with the presentation of its new model, the Linx, a sports car of type barqueta two-seater, which has a configuration very similar to the KTM X-Bow, frame a minimum, a central motor and geared mostly to track-days.

the presentation of The new Linx is all a surprise, since we did not expect that the third model presented by this firm were to be a product of four wheels, and even less with conventional combustion engine and specifications as radical.

In reality, this sport has its origin in an old 2005 project M2Linx Design, whose owner, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, the director of Bultaco Cars, the new division of the four wheels of the relaunched Spanish brand.


it has Its origin in a project is also Spanish 2005.

Its mechanics comes from the Seat León Cupra, the more variant of the sport compact Spanish. A block of four-cylinder and 2-liter supercharged, which is installed in the new Bultaco will enjoy a power between 300 and 400 horses. The brand has not specified the exact figure, stating that the client will have the option of choosing the final number between this range.

Built on an aluminium frame, which according to the firm only weighs 67 kilograms, has a body formed from panels of composite material. Your total weight will be about 850 kilos, with all the fluids and even the driver and a bit of luggage, so that your empty weight should be a little more than 700 pounds.

Dispenses with a roof and windshield to use, as is usual in this type of trays are oriented mostly for the circuit, although it seems to have a “system ” derivabrisas” after-the-hood, reminds us that employed originally the Renault Spider of the end of the nineties, but even then the mark had to opt for a windshield conventional in the production version.


Between 300 and 400 HP engine in a Leon Cupra.

specifications of Linx does not leave place to doubts, in addition to aluminum frame and the engine behind the small cabin two-seater, we find a scheme of suspensions double parallelogram, with the shock positioned horizontally.

The brake system is composed of disks, 326 mm on the front axle, with six-piston calipers Alcon. For the exhaust system Bultaco has relied on a set of silencers Akrapovic. The rims are 18 inch rear and 17 inch front, with tires Dunlop SportMaxx RT2, 205/40 R17 and 265/35 R18 in front and behind respectively.

Has a performance level commensurate with the segment in which it is framed, is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds, with a maximum speed of 280 km/h, so says the mark shall be limited.


More than 100,000 euros when it reaches the market in 2017 or 2018.

however, what we find most striking is that this is not a
mere concept, since Bultaco intends to commercialize it in the form of a series
limited with a price exceed 100,000 euros, arriving at the
market by the end of 2017 at the beginning of 2018.