Bultaco Linx, to feel the air on the face also with four wheels

Bultaco LinxUsually we talk about supercars, cars of high price in the to go from point of origin to point of destination is not the most important. The supply car of this type is relatively large, and their acquisition is not within the reach of anyone, although it may be that in a little over a year they add one more, the Bultaco Linx. Your production will be very limited and its price will not be too accessible, more than 100,000 euros, , although it sure is more fun on the track than almost any supercar that multiply your money.

The brand of motorcycle adventure to develop a two-seater spectacular. The final production model is in the phase of development although, according to seems, will be very similar to this one that we see in the images. directly Inspired in the competition, has no roof, not even a windshield, so driving it will be the most similar to a four wheeler with steering wheel.

Bultaco LinxThe Bultaco Linx will have a body and structure built with lightweight materials, so much so that it is expected that its final weight is slightly above 750 kilos. The chassis will be aluminum and is expected to weigh less than 70 kilos. Its propellant will be of the Seat León Cupra, although you could develop a power close to 400 hp, so that the relationship weight-to-power will be about 2 kilos per horse. Transmission, sequential six-speed transmission, and a limited-slip differential belong to the giant Volkswagen.

like the rest of the car, the suspension then it is extracted directly from the world of competition. Use double wishbone and shock absorbers placed in a horizontal position. The brake system was not going to be less special, mounting clamps fixed six-piston manufacturer Galfer discs of 326 mm and distributor of the braking-adjustable. The wheels have different measurements on each axis, equipping tires Dunlop SportMaxx RT2 with measure 205/40 R17 front and 265/35 R18 in the back train. The icing puts a system exhaust Akrapovic, that is sure to grant you a sound very worthy at this compact supercar.