Bumblebee, movie, Transformers, goes to auction


Prepared down to the smallest detail, a car movie in your garage

The Chevrolet Camaro is an institution in the american continent. It is one of those cars that represent the american style to perfection, and that is why it was the model chosen to represent the role of Bumblebee in the series of Transformers. Now one of them goes to auction, to be specific the Camaro used in the last of the movies, “age of extinction”.

In 2007, with the return of Transformers to the big screen, we watched as one of the most famous and beloved of the saga Bumblebee, leaving a hand to Optimus Prime of course, was represented by a Chevrolet Camaro. In all the movies this has been as well, although has always been identified by the new model, but not in the last of the tapes that are returned to a more classic style.

Now, the auction house Barrett-Jackson, brings to sale one of the last employees. With a beautiful paint bittern and a body widened, this Camaro so unique is equipped until the last detail with the emblems of the Autobots. And of course under the hood it carries a V8 engine of large displacement, with a gearbox six-speed manual.

The Chevrolet is completely legal, and you can move with him without any problem. The auctioneers do not know what price you can achieve, as to the fact of its magnificence coupled with the uniqueness of its origin. A piece of Hollywood into the home garage and a Transformer at actual size. Who would not want to have it?


Care that this Camaro is not just appearance, under the hood hides a beast