Button and Alonso want the Aeroscreen, Massa and Grosjean the Halo

Then some teams trying out various solutions to protect the head of the pilots to potential impacts, begin the controversy about which system to adopt.

Red-Bull-Aeroscreen-1Hace a few months, Ferrari was testing the ‘Halo’ and during this weekend’s Red Bull tested its Aeroscreen. While Lewis Hamilton was one of the few pilots that simply said that all this seems ridiculous, several of his colleagues not only think that it will be something positive, but begin to show in favour of one of the two possible safety devices.

In that sense, the two McLaren drivers, in favor of the Aeroscreen of Red Bull, from a purely aesthetics. Henson Button, even said that if you finally choose the Aeroscreen, people will look at the old cars and think that they look strange without the small windshield. For his part, his partner Fernando Alonso was also in favor of the Network device Bull, ensuring that it is probably a better solution from the aesthetic point of view.

however, that does not mean that the Halo Cockpit of Ferrari not to have some fans. In that sense, Felipe Mass were in favour of the device of Ferrari, like Romain Grosjean, who believes that in Formula 1 the driver’s helmet must be exposed, as otherwise, the car would become a closed vehicle.

The controversy is just beginning.