Button believes that the new regulations benefit Mercedes


Jenson Button is not one of those who believes that the new regulation will allow other teams to reach the performance shown by Mercedes in the last three seasons. And the reason, according to the now the reserve driver for McLaren, is that the advantage that the germans have with the engine will be even more decisive (19459006] by the notable increase of drag that the new regulation provides to the cars.

To increase the downforce, so does the resistance to the advance and a powerful engine allows you to alleviate this problem and to have more grip in the curve. “it Will be difficult for someone to reach out to Mercedes, have been very strong over the past three years. Nobody knows what will happen with the regulations so different. As is regulation, there is much more drag. So you need a lot more power, which already has a Mercedes. I think that if someone gets to compete with them is because they will have done a great job this winter,”, said Jenson Button to the press shifted to the Race of Champions of Miami, which is being held this weekend.

In any case, Button believes that the Formula 1 need in opposition to Mercedes after a domain is so important in the last three seasons and the new regulations will help to create the most excitement and interest in careers. “we All want a good season. It is important for F1 to have a lot of teams fighting at the head. We need that after the past three years. And the new regulation, which is very positive for the category, it was something that was needed. We must have hope in that is the beginning of great things for the F1”, although not seen with enough information to opine on what McLaren will be able to get this year. “I Hope that you have taken a step forward, but I have not been very involved in the team, so I don’t know at what point they are”.