Button, between the F1, the WEC and the Rallycross


Jenson Button is, currently, the third pilot with more Great
Awards played in the history of Formula 1, second only to
for Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher. at The end of the
this season, and if you don’t lose any career, there will be
played 305 Major Awards
, staying at two of Schumacher and 18
of Barrichello.

therefore, the Button has in his hands, breaking the record in 2017
but, for that, you must make the decision to continue on to the category.
As has admitted the own pilot in statements collected by
Motorsport, in September will begin the meetings with McLaren to
to determine if the future of both remains tied
or separate after
seven years of collaboration.

“I have Not spoken with the team yet, in September, we
sit down and we’ll see if I still want to be a pilot of F1, if they
I still want in the team or if we’re going to take another decision,”
confirmed Jenson Button who is performing at a high level in the
team McLaren.


Scott Speed, Nelson PIquet Jr., Sebastien Loeb, Ken Block and Peter Solberg are some of the featured riders who have opted for the Rallycross, with FIA World Championships.

For Button, there are several options if you eventually decide that the Formula 1 is not already sufficiently attractive for him. The possibility of choosing a that does not involve to continue in racing cars is exciting. “If next year I don’t run in F1, I don’t know where I will, I’ve spent my whole life following a program established and all of a sudden, I can’t find a living situation not scheduled. Would be the first time in eighteen years and it’s exciting. I don’t know what possibilities there will be in the future, you need time and at the beginning there are always difficulties, but if you encounter site and receipt of a suitable proposal could be taken into account”.

A pilot of your category would be welcome in any
championship, but Button will attract two above the rest: the
world of resistance and the Rallycross, a discipline in which his father
-now deceased – competed as a young man. “I would like to run in other
categories in the future. I like the idea of trim to run the WEC
(World Endurance Championship), I like the team spirit that
is created in this championship
, where you must overcome a test
in very long careers. (Also appeals to me) the Rallycross, a
category that my father faced in the past. There are many categories
I like
. There are many options, not only in motorsport,
also in other sports and in life in general”
, ends
commenting on the pilot, who is passionate about triathlon.