Button: “Definitely going in the right direction”


The optimism begins to be evident at McLaren-Honda, which after the last few races has been proven as some of the problems of the car have been fixed. Although the engine power is still insufficient, the chassis has shown that already can offer a level close to that of the three main teams of the grill and its problems of degradation of the tires have been solved.

On that line is moved Jenson Button, who managed an excellent eighth place at Hockenheim, after overtaking in the last laps of the Williams of Valtteri Bottas.

Definitely going in the right direction, but I think if you compare us with Red Bull, we are still far behind in terms of aerodynamics. I think that they have a car very strong in aerodynamics, I think we all know that its thruster unit is not as strong as the Mercedes, so it is a good team with which to compare ourselves. There is good progress, but you’re never happy until you fight in front and we, definitely, we are not. we Still have a long way to go, but I am confident and I know that the people from the team will give good steps for next year”.

The English pilot, however, you know that it is still complicated to play the positions on the track with warranties, since the engine will lack power and the car does not have enough top-end speed, as he has declared to ESPN.

you approach the front, the better it is
at least now
we can fight back.
Before clasificábamos well and then we’d say goodbye to everyone. This
year we are
in the fight. The
problem is, when we are in battle in a race,
we struggle to move forward because we don’t have some of
that help to do this
. It is hard, many
pilots would have gone to other teams and already
we have seen it. To
often it works and you’ll to a car that wins or does it

, Yusuke Hasegawa also seen in the past Great Prize of Germany as a turning point for the team, to have achieved a similar result at the Hungaroring despite having played in a circuit much less conducive.

it Was very
encouraging to see that the pace was much better than expected
after our pace in qualifying
. It was a tough race
for Jenson and Fernando to compete in a power circuit as

“they Made a
good job fighting with Williams and Force India throughout the
race and, although they were forced to save a lot of gasoline,
Jenson managed good pace until the end and was able to give chase to a
. The team strategy worked very well and Jenson drove
patiently to keep it. Obviously, we have to work more
to improve the power and fuel, but the race pace
it was decent and the result was very encouraging for the team”.