Button: “Honda must redesign the engine”


despite the constant positive messages on the part of McLaren
and Honda, it is increasingly patent that the set is not what
good enough to aspire to more
that the points in the
this season.

With the reliability sufficiently enhanced as to start
think about in obtaining the best possible performance of the engine, Honda
working in a new update
that should be ready for the
Grand Prix of Canada.

“El change the next year is necessary. Nor am I who says so, is Honda”

Jenson Button, who praised the work done by Honda during
the winter, now admits in a statement to the BBC the design
current of the engine-with the turbo inside the V of the cylinder as
the main hallmark of identity – do not allow to catch Mercedes and
Ferrari. “With the current form of the engine, it is
difficult to extract the power that we believe
that we need to. Not
I am the one who says it, it’s Honda. That is why the change of the year
comes is necessary. This
this year they have given
big steps with the engine, but it is very difficult to make the leap to
to be with the top teams”
Button, who confirmed that the chassis yields a better level
pilots of one-half of grill, but is countered by the unit

Eric Boullier nor
hidden benefits of Honda are insufficient, admitting in
statements AutoHebdo Sport
as the rivals increase the power of the engine, it will be very
difficult for us
At the start of the season in Australia, we actually had
less horses than last year in Abu Dhabi, and recovered in
Meanwhile, the other teams have not been arms
crusaders. We know, for example, where is it right now Mercedes
because we have the numbers and I can tell you that we have a long
way to go
, supports
the French, however, expects the next update
planned for Canada will allow them to raise the level: “should
allow us to have more ambition in the second part of the