Button: “In Malaysia we will have the new update”


Jenson Button is facing his last few races as a pilot and owner of McLaren -at least for the moment – with the illusion of a job well done. The briton is convinced he can fight and challenge Ferrari, in the last grands prix of the season in the wake of the progression that had the team in the last year, even though the training should continue to improve in reliability and speed. With 48 points in the box of McLaren, which is almost double that around 2015, Button has confirmed that the new update for the McLaren MP4-31 will arrive in Malaysia.

Button, which will lead to Stoffel Vandoorne in 2017, was very optimistic in recent statements ‘Sky Sports’, where he stated: There are that have goals in this sport. Last year we were in a very difficult situation, we weren’t reliable and we didn’t have speed. We have made great progress in the last 12 months and if you look at what is to come, we should be able to fight with teams that are above us towards the end of the year. Ferrari would be one of them”. The british also added that : “If we could challenge them would be a wonderful way to end the year”.


In this aspect, the Button is clear what is the path: “With the improvements in the engine, we also have an update of fuel. Is a good progress. We always want more, but the guys are doing a fantastic job to bring these developments. In Malaysia, we will have the new update and we will see some good performance improvements. I believe that with this evolution will take a step forward because the downforce levels are quite good. We could be fighting with the red car”.

The margin of the currently most immediate of McLaren, the decision to take a sabbatical from Jenson Button has taken you by surprise to some pilots, as in the case of a Rubens Barrichello that does not rule out the return of the british in 2018: “I Think only he can talk about his decision. When you spend a lot of time in the Formula 1, is limited, day after day to always do the same things. it Is difficult to find time for the family traveling to commitments with the sponsors, to the factory or to the simulator. Button to reach 300 races soon and that is something that is mentally exhausting. on a gap year, if you have the opportunity to re-make it louder“.