Button: “new drivers should see more of Schumacher’s racing”


From time to time
this part, there are several drivers that make sure that her debut in the
Formula 1 has become a step much more simple.
circuits have run off areas of asphalt and the cars are not
as critical as before
, so that it is easier to recover
of the driving errors.

last in to argue such a theory has been Jenson Button who, in
statements UOL Support, ensures that “there are
many pilots who should have learned quite a bit
most of what they learned before coming to F1. They are very
erratic, it is as if they were driving in the ‘Formula
Desperate’, one in which it seems that they are always very
in a hurry”

“That behavior should have been left behind when a pilot arrives at the F1

Button gave way, with his debut in 2000 with Williams to 20 years -and
directly from the F3 – to the so-called ‘Generation PlayStation’,
the who also formed part Kimi Räikkönen and, to a lesser extent,
Fernando Alonso. Now, the pilots, as a general rule, with
more experience in single-seaters of great power
, as the GP2 or the
Formula V8 3.5. But, however, the
races of the formulas of promotion are often chaotic and very

type of behavior should have been left behind when a pilot
comes to F1. In
time in the
his career reaches this level, should already be enough
smart as to know what to do with the car and the shape of
compete for a position,
new pilots
have to see more of the careers of Michael (Schumacher),
despite the fact that always ran very hard, at the same time, was always
very correct in the way they fought”
Button one of the pilots most controversial of the Formula 1.

Button denies having used the expression ‘Formula Desperate’

Wednesday, Jenson Button posted several messages on his Twitter account in which he denied having used the expression ‘Formula Desperate’ and complaining bitterly of the mode of action of some journalists. A few minutes later, Max Verstappen answered to the british, trying to downplay the significance of what had happened and comentándole not to worry.

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‘Formula Desperate’ is supposedly a quote of mine about the young pilots of F1, but it is a nonsense, I never said that. Personally…

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I Feel that the young talents of the F1 have done an amazing job at such a young age. Some journalists do not deserve to be if you take

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so Many comments out of context or even change the words to adapt the article…

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Vertappen answer: “don’t worry buddy, okay.” Button replies: “see you at the track colleague”.

Brawn that made him champion came back to life

last weekend, Jenson Button was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, riding several McLaren historical. In addition to Jenson,
was the car that made him World Champion in 2009,
sophisticated and surprising Brawn BGP01 double disfusor
. Martin
Brundle was in charge of piloting a car that got
eight wins, five poles and fifteen podiums in total.