Button: “This engine is the largest evolution we’ve ever had”


Jenson Button really showed
happy with the work done and not just for the mileage
accumulated, but also by the sensations left by the
car. “Today we were able to complete many laps and we affirm the
reliability, something very important. Now we have to improve the
with the power unit”
that, however, has given a
leap in quality, as Jenson says.

“This thruster unit is
the biggest trend that I have noticed, which is good. I think
our improvement is good, but we still have a distance with
the best. It
you can easily see the top speed”

things seem to go better and
McLaren has in mind to introduce several new parts in the two
remaining days, so that Button considers essential to follow
rolling in the remainder of the season. “The next few days
are very important, we need to
not having problems and giving a lot of laps
with new tyres for
add mileage.
Us is work until you feel that we are really competitive,
but we have time in the next two test days with the work
of adjustments and others.”
, said the English.

is Always complex to predict
how will each team in the first races, but in the case
McLaren-Honda, even more. That’s why the Button is not brand objectives and
prefer to go step by step. “I don’t have a goal. My only goal is to
push to the limit and then see what the results are.
there is nothing positive
in marked a

Fernando Alonso will take up the baton to
the controls of the McLaren tomorrow, Thursday, and Jenson Button will roll the
last day
pre-season in which will be the last
preparations for the Grand Prix of Australia.