Buy a BMW M3 cheapie and discovers that it was destroyed in Top Gear


The above M3 was not only employed by Top Gear

What had look like a dream, quickly turned into a nightmare. This is what happened to Rob Willis, an englishman of 27 years. After much saving you get to buy one of those cars that we all want, the BMW M3. However with the passage of time discover that the car has serious problems. Problems caused by his appearance on Top Gear.

After passing by the dealership, and see that a fantastic M3 in blue Yas Marina it was on sale for a price much lower than its value of new purchase, the young Willis decided that it had to be yours. And so it was. After payment of 50,000 pounds by the BMW, about 70,000 euros, takes it home, and with the passage of time begins to notice major bugs.

The worse is not this, as can always happen when you buy a unit the occasion, but the critical moment of the story arrives one night while I was watching old chapters of Top Gear next to his wife. Rob realizes that this M3 is not only very similar to hers, but also carries the same number plates.


at The end they gave him a new car, although one very different to the M3

Quickly begins to tie knots and the next morning goes to the dealer to clarify what happened with the business BMW. It recognizes that yes, that was employed in the program of car and also is seriously damaged. At this point I must say that the M3 was not in a position or circular.

mr. Willis, married and with a child, put the cry in heaven, as she has sold a car unsafe. The commercial acknowledges the error and in its place, the M3 is replaced by a BMW 330d, well-equipped. It is clear that there will be gained in security, but has lost many other things, because the change is a little strange, we’re not going to fool you.

But well, all is fixed and solved. If we look back, this is not the first time that happens with a car of Top Gear, so already happened in 2003 with a Jaguar. Which it was sold with problems very expensive clutch and brakes. Stating that the English program nor any of its protagonists is guilty. The fix should be in charge of the brand and not to sell the unit if it is damaged.