Buy a BMW M3 management, and discovers that the culprit of their defects… it’s Jeremy Clarkson

yourself in the situation. You want a BMW M3 and you’re facing an ad a car “management” at a price that quite frankly is good. So I pay the 50,000 pounds that calls the advertiser and you get a brand new M3 last generation, with a powerful 430 HP engine that you want to enjoy for years and years. But soon you discover that the car is not going as well as they should, the steering makes strange noises and the brakes carbonocerámicos do not respond as they should, presenting clearances. Rob Willis was of stone to discover the origin of these defects.

The car was bought from a dealer BMW in Kent (Uk), which listed its source as “management”.

After these problems, took it back to the dealer, demanding a solution. As the M3 had brakes carbonocerámicos, the workshop was not accustomed to make such repairs, and having to consult BMW in Germany. You left a BMW 330d xDrive and Willis went home, hoping for a quick solution. Soon after, he was watching Top Gear in the living room of your home, one of the last episodes, in which Jeremy Clarkson proved in the airfield of Dunsfold new BMW M3.

Between huge cross burning wheel, Willis had a terrible revelation: I had purchased the same BMW M3. In United Kingdom the license plate of a car is like the ID of a person, remains the same throughout his life. The registration coincided with the registration of the M3 that I had bought just a month ago. Willis believes that he has been Clarkson the cause of the problems in your car, although to tell the truth, the more possible it is that the M3 has been a car press or a car of demos, whose treatment has not been exactly smooth.

Although the dealership gave him a car replacement, Willis was not at all happy. I needed that the car was in perfect working order. Few things are worst is buying a car almost brand new that gives you problems from the first moment. Fortunately all , the problems of the car have been already solved.

Source: Daily Mail
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