Buy a car 100% online is already possible in the united States


there are Already companies that are carrying out work of a mediator between customers and dealers, through the figure of the adviser or “concierge”

The idea of buy cars through the Internet is not new, but the nuance is if you can dodge any dealings with people. Yes, it sounds cold, but it is what more and more people demand: to purchase a good blow of clicks or taps on a screen, without speaking, everything through a digital process.

Today, we buy many things via the Internet, even objects that are susceptible of prior tests, such as clothing or jewelry, but they are sold. And if we talk about cars, there are customers that do not even require a test before the car will buy it. For those people, the step for the dealer is something totally dispensable that does not add value to the purchase.

In the early years of the Internet, and up to the bursting of the bubble of the “dot-com” to the beginning of the millennium, began to appear companies offering a purchase 100% through a browser, completing the process with delivery to your door. The idea came with years of advancement and crashed due to lack of customers and regulatory obstacles.

This ad has already 19 years, is that of Autobytel, the first company of this type (and in general, operating on the Internet) that was announced on television, specifically in the rest of the end of the Superbowl, and with the voice of actor Leonard Nimoy, known for his role as Spock in Star Trek.

In the present, we have several companies in the united States that have a brokering. Agree to customers with dealers conventional, funneling sales in exchange for a commission. The final process ends in a licensee physical, as the laws tend to protect dealers against the arrival of competitors.

For the moment, it only works in the State of California

One of these companies, Roadster, has just launched a service called Express. Eliminates the intermediation of human beings, and all the process happens to be digital, so your base commission of 495 to $ 295. At the end of the purchase, the car just arriving at the home with some papers to sign, the bureaucracy can’t be avoided, like death or taxes. What is saved is time.


When you eliminated the figure of the mediator in the Express service, you can not choose any model, but which are within a narrow catalog

¿how Many steps are needed to make a purchase with this system?

  1. we Choose the car we like to and the specific version within a catalog limited
  2. The company locates a unit in a dealership next to the address
  3. , we Obtain a definite price, with the discounts achieved, and the commission of the company
  4. we Fill in the forms the initial “paperwork”, payment or financing
  5. If we have a used car, here is what, and will seek the highest resale value
  6. The car arrives on a truck to the residence, take signatures on some papers which brings the carrier, and this helps to configure the basic (Bluetooth, browser, etc)
  7. And is now

Roadster Express continues to work with the licensees of conventional. The company, therefore, is not an enemy of the system, but a member of the system. The customer will take out their commission, and the licensee will take 1.25% of the value of the sale.Also take commission from the sale of the used, between 300 and 500 dollars, and with minimal discomfort for the client in the process of collection, valuation and appraisal.

it Is assumed that customers save an average of 3.668 dollars in the price (MSRP)

In exchange, the dealer has to do less work -in theory – for every sale, and is a complement to your activity. The operations that are close are both buying new cars as of the close of contracts of long-term rental (leasing). There is still a human work behind, but do not see. Everything is cold and digital.


So simple, you buy a car as buying a piece of clothing without trying it before. Yes, there is no policy of “if you are not satisfied, we will refund the money”

¿And what happens if a customer wants to test the car? No other than going to a dealership, where it will be an equivalent unit to the sought. This does not imply any commitment to purchase, is a separate experience of the purchase itself. There will always be people who, before the second biggest investment of your life, prefer a dealer conventional. In any case, is the official dealer which will manage the problems in warranty.

What is really dangerous for the business model classic would be that companies such as Roadster adquisiesen large volumes of cars to the manufacturers themselves, and you could skip fully to the dealers. Of time, that scenario is a little far away, but you could end up happening. There was also a time in which the model of Fnac, Amazon or eBay it was completely impractical.

In Spain, time, we are still in the phase of mediators, but in the end, all there is to it, close it in a dealer’s physical. Under the Internet model we have seen really good deals from the manufacturers themselves. For example, offering limited units which, in reality, it was a batch made expressly to be sold on the Internet. By having common characteristics and no extras, it was much more comfortable from the logistics point of view. And everyone benefited: the customer, dealer and manufacturer.

¿For when Roadster Express in Spain? time will tell.