Buy an Honda S2000 new despite years without occur

Honda S2000

Who does not remember the Honda S2000? The iconic roadster has been one of the models most passionate of the japanese brand and it has marked a whole generation. Therefore it was a pity that stop occur beyond 2009. Even so, were a few specimens that are completely new that were selling with the eyedropper in the following years. But, you could buy a S2000 new in the 2016?

Well it seems that yes, Australia has sold a Honda S2000 brand new in spite of take seven years if occur. It has been in a dealership of New South Wales last November and could have been used only as a model of exposure. Their sale has appeared in the reports of industry australian (VFACTS), and even has been confirmed Stephen Collins, responsible for Honda in the country.

Honda S2000

To serve as a precedent in the united States in the year 2010 sold 85 units new Honda S2000. In 2011 there were five units sold in 2013 were sold only two. Taking into account the time that has passed and the particularity of the model, we can be sure that it is one of the last S2000 first-hand. We do not know the price that will be paid for by him, but sure that will be a large sum.

In any case, the lucky customer will take home a roadster of the old school. The small sporty weighs only 1.275 kg and has under the hood an engine DOHC-VTEC four-cylinder and 2.0-liter. In Europe it developed 240 HP and was linked to a gearbox six-speed manual. All the power of the two-seater was going to the rear wheels, so that he stood out for his behavior, and fun at the wheel.

Source – CarAdvice