Buying a Ferrari LaFerrari to help the earthquake victims of Italy

Ferrari LaFerrariThe luxurious brand of the “prancing horse” had announced a production of 499 units for the first hybrid model in its entire history, the Ferrari LaFerrari. This model is the production car of Ferrari with more advanced technology that has never been marketed and a car that, no doubt, will mark a before and an after in the history of the brand as in your day they did the F40 or later the Enzo.

The company has just declared that it will conduct a drive of the LaFerrari. This unit number 500 will be auctioned and your fundraising will be destined to an important task: to help the victims of earthquake happened the past day 24 of August in Italy. We recall that this earthquake of 6.2 degrees on the Richter scale, has claimed the lives of more than 250 people, injuring 400 people and leaving a large number of families.

The production of the hiperdeportivo Italian had completed several months ago, and the employees of the brand are preparing to start marketing the convertible version. The Ferrari LaFerrari has a drive system hybrid composed by a thermal engine V12 gasoline and an electric thruster. When they work together and at full performance, the LaFerrari “download” on the road nothing less than 963 horses and 700 Nm; allowing you to spend from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds.

Ferrari LaFerrari negro subastaThis will be the last chance for any customer to acquire the Italian model fully to premiere. Buyers that could not be done with any of the previous 499 units and who want this model of the Italian brand should be aware of, although Ferrari has not yet decided on the date and place where to auction. Yes, taking into account that the starting price of the previous production of the model was almost 1.3 million and a few weeks ago he paid over 4 million for a unit of time (the drive that we see in the image above), it is better to have a checking account with enough digits, but this is something quite positive as it will help the victims of the earthquake.

A great idea of the brand was founded by Enzo Ferarri: selling one unit of a model, which in a short time it will become myth, to help people shaken by the misfortune of the earthquake happened recently.