By 2050 several countries prohibit the sale of vehicles of burning traditional


Several countries unite to ban the sale of combustion vehicles by 2050

The vehicles of traditional combustion will tend to disappear with time but in some places already have the red line well defined. 2050 is the year that they have chosen eight American states and five countries to determine that since not be able to sell vehicles from gasoline or diesel within their borders. The agreement does not speak about the prohibition of the use of them for the classics will continue to be the right to freedom of.

2050 it will mark the end of the sale of traditional cars

we Know that this moment would come, and attached to the agreement to give a margin of almost 35 years manufacturers to evolve their range towards sustainable mobility: hybrid, electric, hydrogen fuel cell… The goal is to reduce dramatically the amount of emissions to the environment, a serious current problem that suffer from major cities daily.

By the time the agreement is formed by the states of California, who started the Zero Emission Mandate, to which we should add New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, and Rhode Island. A little further up, in Canada, is added Quebec while in Europe, add Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. We are sure that most of the world’s countries and states of America will be added with time.

The offer of vehicles sustainable of this type is increasing but still remain a small percentage. The balance will be leaning more and more towards them until the vehicles from traditional combustion are present in the offer of almost anecdotal. The development of electric motors and batteries becoming less expensive and bulky will pave the way towards electric mobility global.