By 6.200 euros you can buy a Dacia Sandero, but what really a maneuver is sensible?

The Dacia Sandero is now the cheapest form of mobility, if what you’re looking for is a new car. It is possible that you have seen advertisements that talk of a price breaker: 6.200 euros. It is a great price for a new car, but as always, you have to read a little beyond the numbers. My partner David Villarreal spoke to us a few days ago Dacia and honest advertising in an article highly recommended. What we question is whether to spend 6.200 euros on a car like Dacia Sandero Base 1.2 75 CV – different from the one that appears in the ad – is reasonable.

A price of 6.200 euros for a Dacia Sandero is very tempting

The 6,200 euros base price require you to read well the small print. You’re going to pay more, or yes.

The price of 6.200 euros several associated conditions that should not be ignored. In the first place, requires achatarrar a car to avail themselves of the conditions of Plan PIVE 8. Then, it is necessary to finance almost two-thirds of the price of the car: the minimum amount to finance is 4,000 euros and we are obliged to use the financial support of Renault, RCI Banque SA. The nominal interest rate is 9.5%, and we must remain a minimum of 24 months with RCI Banque. It is a rate of interest somewhat high, without being excessive.

dacia-sandero-base-2, Using the own simulator of financing of Dacia, such 4.000 euros, to 48 months carry a surcharge higher than 800 euros, without forgetting that we are charged a commission of opening 142,60 eur. We’re not going to bother with the financing because in motor we come to talk about cars, but simply should be taken into account the additional costs associated with the financing transactions. Assuming that we meet all these requirements, let’s see what we get in terms of performance and equipment to change our 6.200 euros.

Its mechanical complexity is so low that the long-term reliability is virtually assured.

The basic engine of this Sandero is a 1.2 atmospheric four-cylinder engine with 75 BHP of power. Associated only to a manual gearbox five relationships, has a performance which is modest: 0 to 100 km/h in 14,5 seconds and a top speed of 162 km/h. The average consumption is 5.8 l/100 km, so you must pay Registration Tax – if you give 10 g/km less of CO2 does not pay and it would be cheaper. Benefits modest, but it is a behavior that is agile, thanks to its 4,06 meters long, 1.016 kg of weight.

dacia-sandero-base-1*Yes, radio is aftermarket and is a Sandero british.

Equipment of the Dacia Sandero Base 2016

while praise its simplicity mechanical, we should not forget that their equipment is barely the minimum essential. Has the minimum demanded by the law: ESP, ABS, two front airbags and side airbags in the front. The sensor of pressure of the tyres is a concession to luxury, as the car does not have a sad radio nor electric windows in the squares in front. Bumper, plastic, tires, metal, plastic steering wheel. Yes, it has power steering and heating, but it is grossly insufficient.

Even has optional equipment – only a spare wheel – to be a finish very close. If we want a minimum of comfort, we need a finishing Laureate and pay for extras like a stereo or air conditioning. In any case, what is a reasonable purchase? For industrial fleets yes, for a standalone use as a car for work maybe, if you don’t mind having to sing for their own entertainment. What I want to convey is simply that we must read beyond the easy number, the tender hook.

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