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preparer Gemballa Porsche has been for the past 27 years, has now decided to venture with another design outside the German firm. The Chosen, a Ferrari Enzo, which has formed to become the MIG-U1, a supercar with name Russian fighter and an aesthetic unusual.


The idea of ​​the designer is to create a limited series of 25 units This different pattern each other. Each will have a number tweaks to the behavior of the car is wanting buyer. On the outside it does not look one Enzo whole downforce: spoiler, skirts … has been revamped with a layer of carbon fiber so that you can reduce weight and gain efficiency. It is very striking plane rear spoiler that provides its MIG-U1 a grip plus the asphalt. From 120 Km. / H spoiler flaps move and leave the car off the ground.

To aid in the cooling of its powerful engine, Gemballa, has placed on the roof of an air intake duct via a carbon fiber communicates with motor and helps to alleviate the high temperatures that it reaches. With all this aerodynamic arsenal Enzo grows or centimeters wide front and 10 rear . Alloy rims are the lightest on the market and they lie about 265/35 tires in front and 335/30 rear.

The original Ferrari has a 6-liter V12 capable delivering a maximum power of 660 hp at 7800 rounds. Gemballa has worked with it, and thanks improvements in exhaust stage gives 40 hp extra. With its low weight and 700 hp, the MIG-U1 go from 0-100 km. / H in a little over three seconds rub maximum speed of 400 Km. /h.

coach has thought of everything and has given her a new creature electrical variable height suspension. With a button trigger vehicle height increases by 4.5 inches while re-pressed or exceeds 80 km. / H, the vehicle returns to its original height.

Inside produced spectacular sport seats upholstered in black leather and velvet with red diamonds on a sound system 950 W power and press screen, DVD player, web browser and even an iPod connector.

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