By pure chance, and thus was born the Drift Mode in the Ford Focus RS

Drift Mode, this has been one of the reasons why the Ford Focus RS is reaping a success of critics and sales unprecedented. But… and if we told you that one of the modes of driving the most fashionable of the moment it was born as a turning unheard-of chance. The technical staff of the Ford Focus RS is indisputable, but to activate the Drift Mode allows you to emulate Ken Block with the least experience, and for this reason it is fair to discover how was born this interesting mode of driving.


The engineering team of Ford Performance was in charge of putting to point to what we know today as the Ford Focus RS, a compact which at that time had intended to beat their rivals by combining power and all-wheel drive is far superior to its most direct competitors. As you can imagine, when it comes to developing a new model like the Focus RS, the evidence as to tuning can be counted by thousands and of the possible valid configurations to the end they have to serve to the target customer.

But if there is something good that has electronics, is the fact that a model such as the Focus RS can offer different personalities with the push of a button, you can choose from the behavior docile of a compact, fast, Drift Mode premiered by the Focus RS that has charmed the public. The driving mode “Drift Mode” is based on a simple guideline of how you should act the all-wheel drive system, and more specifically, your rear differential controlled.

focus-rs-sergioIn a recent interview for Motoring to the director of Ford Performance Tyrone Johnson, he admitted that the birth of the Drift Mode was not planned and arose out of the pure chance. During the development program where they were testing different configurations for the distribution of the torque to the drive system, they discovered that the shipment of up to 70% of the 440 Nm of torque to just one rear wheel was pretty fun, thus becoming an idea to discuss with the executives of Ford to make it one of the strong points of the Ford Focus RS. After Raj Nair as head of the technical department of Ford to the global level should try the Drift Mode became one of the arguments star of the Focus RS.

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