By the fault of the patent to Renault misses its Mégane RS

Before launch to the market a model, it suffers a very long process. None of the stages through which it has passed is just as critical as the launch. To be or not discovered ahead of time is vital, in order to cause the surprise effect desired on the opponent. This we know car brands, many times, cannot avoid that will filter your model to the press before it is presented in a formal manner.

This is what has happened to BMW with the next X2 or now Renault with its Mégane RS. The arrival on the market of this model is more than confirmed, but we had only seen thanks to a few images spy and video that had been provided by the French firm. However, it has been the registration in the patent office of the final design of the Mégane RS which has given to the fret with all the magic that Renault was creating around one of their releases star.

Focusing on your design, and in the front, we can see a new and more aggressive bumpers, with new grilles and air intakes larger than the mounted models less noble. Immediately the wheel arch front we can observe a gill, to improve aerodynamics of the car. Close the design changes in the side area the new alloy wheels with a bigger size and design is more elaborate.

In the back the first thing we can observe is the new and bigger exhaust outlet. It is located in a central position right in the middle of the new rear diffuser and protected by a new rear apron with two air vents at each end. rounding off the changes in the exterior design rear the new spoiler that sits above the bezel.

finally, we know that the Renault Mégane RS will feature a specific chassis and steering 4Control (the four wheels). In addition, the engine power will be closer to the 300 hp in the previous model. All to snatch a Honda and its Civic Type-R scepter as car front-wheel-drive faster in the circuit the German Nürburgring. What they will do or they will stay at the gates of heaven?

That only we will know when it is presented officially at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show (in September). Although it is likely that once filtered, the responsible of marketing and product of Renault, will decide to release your press kit before this date.

Source – Auto Express

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