BYD-Daimler Denza 500: The electric is based on the Class B first-generation sets per day

The hatchback electric receives an update of half of life, which adds to the aesthetic improvements and a more capacious battery allowed to extend their autonomy over 450 kilometres.

Daimler-Benz and china’s BYD formed a joint venture company that based on the Mercedes A-Class first generation, launched in the year 2014 a hatchback equipped with a propulsion system purely electric which called Denza 400.

these days, the Denza has just received a start to the day that he renewed his outward appearance and also introduced some improvements in the interior and in the equipment, at the same time, which introduces a new name, since now will take the name Denza 500.

aesthetic modifications affected primarily in the frontal, which opens new grille, new headlamps that now integrate the LED daytime running lights and a bumper new format that includes some chrome trim.

behind has also been the subject of review, although there the changes have been minor, since I only changed the bumper, that also includes chrome trim.

In the interior also saw some improvements and while the format of the dashboard remained unchanged, the chinese manufacturer took the opportunity to introduce improvements in the system of information and entertainment, which now includes a touch screen of higher dimensions, a new sport steering wheel flat base, and improvements in the finishes and trim, with the purpose of improving the perceived quality.

renewed Denza 500 account with a propulsion system based on a an electric motor which develops 184 HP and a maximum torque of 300 Nm, in combination with a lithium-ion batteries that now come with 70 kWh capacity enough to achieve autonomy with a full load of 451 miles according to a cycle of type-approval NEDC.

despite the improvements, the Denza 500 I could not hide the passage of the years, mainly due to its old platform, the same one that premiered the first generation of the Mercedes B-Class back in the year 2005. The prices for the chinese market starting in the 299.800 yuan, a few 38.700 euros at current exchange.