ByKolles and Aston Martin also rely on Dunlop


The entry list for the WEC in 2016 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans has served to reveal details. Although in general there are few surprises, the section of tire has left some revelations. In the absence of official confirmation of the teams, ByKolles and Aston Martin Racing wagering by Dunlop for 2016. In this way, the private team in LMP1-L and the official formation of Aston Martin bet to use the gums of british origin. This decision joins the confirmation of a technical partnership of Rebellion Racing and the own Dunlop.

With a total domination in LMP2, the british firm has made a great effort to get into the category LMP1 and also hovering ‘the snout’ among the GT-Pro, two territories colonized in recent years by Michelin. To achieve such a goal, Dunlop organized a test after the completion of the WEC 2015, test in which they were Rebellion Racing, ByKolles and Aston Martin Racing. According to the entry list, the result of these tests had to be very satisfactory since Dunlop has been able to convince 100% of the teams involved in the private test in Bahrain.

despite being a great success for Dunlop, the brand ran two elements in your favor. Without the possibility of face-planting to the LMP1 Toyota, Porsche and Audi, the LMP1-L, Rebellion Racing and ByKolles have no real competition. Being direct duel between the two private structures, to compete in equality of conditions with respect to the tires is the logical decision. Convinced Rebellion Racing, the team ByKolles follow the path. For his part, Aston Martin a car that is less competitive and an older Corvette, Ferrari and Ford. With the BOP in game, the difference between Dunlop and Michelin is less accentuated.