Cadillac CT6, the first vehicle with a camera of 360 degrees that records everything


The Cadillac CT6 is a huge sedan american luxury, by size, nothing less than almost 5.2 metres in length, faces big rivals like the Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series. The flagship of General Motors will land in Europe with a great dose of quality, space, and technology, among which we will find this impressive system of cameras in 360-degree views that allow you to recording surround.

We are accustomed to speak of camera systems for 360 in the vehicles, however in previous cases these were used exclusively for all kinds of assists. For either help us to park without damage to the bodywork or to the control of the traffic that surrounds us to launch alerts to the driver, or just for certain features autonomous. However, on this occasion, and for the first time, these cameras are used for a purpose purely playful and monitoring of the vehicle.

The big saloon Cadillac leads installed four cameras that allow you to record all the surroundings of the vehicle. It has two functions:

  • In the first recorded simultaneously the views front and rear of the vehicle when we drive. In this way we can get a recording of our driving dynamics to observe ourselves enabling us to improve by correcting errors, to immortalize our feats at the wheel or simply as test in case of an accident (legal in some countries).
  • The second function can only be activated when the vehicle is parked. When the system detects a suspicious activity around, this makes a recording 360 ° for the safety of our vehicle. Either because they are trying to undermine it, open it or manipulate it.


All this information is recorded by four cameras of the vehicle (a in the front grille, another on the trunk lid and both rear view mirrors, external) to a SD card located in the trunk. The Cadillac CT6 has more cameras placed on his body but these are used exclusively for the assistance to the driving.

The video can be viewed in the actual system of info-entertainment, vehicle or well being exported to an external drive, useful to see our skills behind the wheel on a large screen or to provide evidence to the police. This system will form part of the endowment of series finishes highest of the sedan.