Cadillac launches a limited edition to exploit their image in Japan

Cadillac edición limitada White EditionJapan market is quite complicated for foreign manufacturers. Are very own, both for the mechanics as for the technology, and the truth is that the cars of the country of the rising sun offer a few products which are highly recommended. Depending on taste, your design can fit or not, but the data and the surveys are there and ensure that their vehicles are the most reliable in the world, although there are always exceptions.

Cadillac is one of the brands that you want to find your hole in the market of the asian country, but do not have anything easy. It is possible that the foregoing is a true grudge against american businesses after what happened in the decade of the 40 in the Second World War. In any case, the cars in circulation are not very accepted there and manufacturers resort to launch limited editions to market them in Japan and little by little enter in the market.

Cadillac edición limitada White EditionThe Cadillac brand has developed a limited edition for the country of the rising sun called White Edition, which is offered in models Cadillac ATS sedan, ATS Coupe and CTS. Despite being a limited edition, the changes from the series model are quite content. As his name was to indicate, on the outside has a body-white color called “Crystal White,”. The color of the bodywork there is to add tires 19 inch design with five twin-spoke.

in Addition to the above, we must add the sun roof and leather seats, depending on the model it will be of one color or another. It also includes a wood trim, elm in the dashboard and in the doors, which gives high elegance.

Cadillac edición limitada White Edition, Whatever the model chosen, the limited edition Cadillac is presented with only one mechanical available: engine 2-liter turbo 276 horsepower and 400 Nm. Is associated to a automatic transmission of eight relations that sends its power to the rear wheels in the two bodies of the ATS and the four wheels on the CTS.

will occur Only 20 units of each version. The Cadillac ATS four-door costs about 50.700 euros at the exchange, the ATS Coupe a few 51.600 euros and the CTS something more than 69,000 euros.

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