Cadillac slows their driving technology the semi-autonomous


in mid-2013, General Motors announced that it would list its technology by 2020, but a year after Mary Barra-CEO of GM – announced his arrival four years. We were supposed to see the debut in the Cadillac CT6 next fall, but has announced a delay.

To mid-2017 will not be a reality, according to the latest press release. The technology is not ready yet. The product manager of Cadillac, stated to Automotive News that “will be released (to the market) when you’re ready”.

After the setbacks of the last few years of General Motors in matters of safety, and after millions of dollars in fines and lawsuits for damages, to give a false step does not seem like an option.

The driving systems autonomous are designed to release partially the driver of the task of managing the car, like in motorways, provided it satisfies some conditions (such as weather favorable). Before releasing something to the market, it has to prove to satiety, as a failure can put lives in danger.

While General Motors delayed, manufacturers such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz or Volvo have already become a reality or will be very soon.