Cadillac test on a CT6, the new system Super Cruise driving autonomous

Except the added, the CT6 is shown in series.

These days, we have been able to capture new images of one of the prototypes of Cadillac employees to test conduction system of semi-autonomous Super Cruise. Although the general aspect of the model is basically that we can find in any CT6 series, the impressive installation that takes on the roof betrays.

The system Super Cruise should have been launched earlier this year, however, the brand has preferred to delay it until 2017. And from what we can see, are still doing development testing.

This system will use readings radar, ultrasonic sensors and the GPS system to be able to operate, also supported multiple cameras. Elements that when they reach production will be integrated into the body of the vehicle.

The new system Super Cruise will arrive in 2017.

The prototype which the pictures show has a huge black box, that we understand saves a part of the hardware employed and as a prototype that is not what brings built-in still the body. In the same way, group them together, so externally it allows the engineers to access them and replace them with more comfort and speed.

The tubular frame of the ceiling supports in addition to what appear to be four cameras, one of them carrying, interestingly, the Batman emblem. We understand that it must be some kind of joke, especially among the engineers or pilots.

The new elements that carries this prototype is not limited to the visible on the ceiling, in the front we find more sensors and the exterior rearview mirrors are also provided with devices and wiring.


At the rear bumper we find more sensors.

once it reaches the market, the system, Super Cruise from Cadillac will be
able to accelerate and brake the vehicle autonomously, in addition to
keep the vehicle within the lane. Will be released during 2017,
although the mark has not been revealed by the time particular date or
presentation and availability at the dealership.