Cadillac wants to close 400 dealers in the united States

Cadillac edición limitada White EditionCadillac, the signature of luxury of General Motors, wants to restructure its commercial network in united States. Their models found shelter mainly in the united States, Canada and Mexico, but not just find your site on the market european. The reason is simple and that is that their cars were not enough adapted the tastes of the customers of the old continent.

In the united States main mark against which it competes is the signature luxury of the Group Ford Motor Company which as you all know is Lincoln. This brand seems to be recovering the pulse of the sales thanks to a new range of models and designs that, at last, seems to attract a clientele with an age range less to which they were directed to what was happening in Mercedes until not long ago.

Cadillac XT5, todos los detalles del SUV norteamericanowell, Cadillac not has thought and has offered a few 400 dealers located in the united States the possibility of closing its doors as an exhibition dedicated. This would entail the rupture of the contract are the agency of sale in the country but would have a good counterpoint for the concessions they wish to leave the mark. The agreement provides for a compensation of a few $ 120,000 of media to close the exposure of Cadillac and dedicate themselves to another brand or other commercial activity.

This action a priori, it can be contradictory but we must keep in mind that the dealers that have been invited to leave the mark only sold during the past year a few 50 cars. These sales represent approximately 9 percent of what they sold Cadillac, the last year for which do not reach the threshold of profitability minimum to be in the dealer network.

The decision about staying or leaving should be firm before the day 21 November of this year and will have to be communicated to General Motors to start the restructuring of the network as soon as possible. We hope that this initiative will occur in reverse Europe and achieve to place their cars in the place that the brand you want. Time to time.

Source – General Motors