Cadillac will present a new prototype and this is its interior

Cadillac prototipo interiorHistorically, Pebble Beach has been an important appointment for Cadillac. The american manufacturer unveiled the Ciel Concept, five years ago, and subsequently the Elmiraj Concept in 2013. This week starts the Monterey Car Week 2016 and there is another prototype on the way. At the moment it is all a mystery and nothing is known of him. However, we get the first teasers of a very concrete part: his inner.

tell Us that the new vehicle will be a design exercise that could set the tone for future models. The cabin since then that sore care, since it comes with an innovative concept. Shows a dashboard very clean, with a stylish design and a few buttons. It is finished in wood, which increases the feeling of luxury. The novelty will be the use of OLED displays to control your infotainment.

apparently the technology firm, LG Electronics, has given a hand to Cadillac to do this inside. The new screens will achieve a 3-d navigation with images much more crisp than the current one. In fact, Cadillac is one of the few manufacturers that use the OLED technology for the screens of a car. joins Audi, which is also prepared something similar for the next A8, and use it in the drivers rear of the TT RS.

at the moment, this video that you showed is the only information that we know of the new prototype Cadillac. Although there is nothing official, as it is rumored that OLED displays could reach their production models in the next few years. But before that we will need to know to complete this prototype. Your presentation will be this same Thursday 18th August, at the Monterey Car Week.

Source – Cadillac