Cadillac XT3 2018: The first images of the new compact SUV


The new compact SUV from Cadillac.

These are the first images of the new Cadillac XT3, the compact SUV that the brand of premium u.s. is prepared for before the end of the decade. The own Johan de Nysschen, head of the firm, has already confirmed their development and possible release. This would take place mid next year, and seeing the state of development of the model, according to the aspect of the unit tests, the dates given by de Nysschen are correct.

The dimensions are those which one would expect from a compact SUV placed under the current XT5, is is a bit shorter than this though the length of the hood, much longer than you are used to a model of these features. Even heavily camouflaged, draw a silhouette very elegant.

The camouflage black plastic does not allow us to see too, but you can guess a few of the ways very own the design language of the brand. The only items truly discovered are mirrors, and they have some ways very square and solid.


Camouflage is very deep.

By what little we can see, the optical group front have horizontal elements, while the front grille is large sample size. It is very likely that with the new XT3 begin to see the first traits taken from the Cadillac-Scale concept, presented in the summer of 2016, and which anticipated the future design language of the brand.

In terms of the rear, the shapes of the camouflage suggest some optical design horizontal, in place of the traditional vertical of the brand. This is another of the features of the Scale concept that we will soon see in many models of the brand.

In terms of the technical part, we will find a engine four
– cylinder and 2.0-liter supercharged
, although it will be likely a version
hybrid plug-in
. Our photographers pointed out that this camouflage
I could hide a power outlet, although it does not show the usual
adhesives and we can’t see under the tarp. In one of the detail shots
we appreciate part of the complex axis, multi-link rear, and the outputs of
escape rectangular, similar to those mounted on the XT5, but not
we appreciate pipes exhaust
after them.