Cadillac XT3 2018: with less camouflage and supercharged engine


Less camouflage on the front.

we Return to see the new Cadillac XT3 in the street, but on this occasion one of the units that are being tested in the snow, to perform the corresponding tests of winter, in environments of very low temperatures.

This new unit tests features a camouflage for something different from the last unit that we were able to analyze. In this we find something more uncovered the front, so that you do not hide your optics and front grille, which together with our photographers have been able to get closer on this occasion, offers us a clearer perspective.

In the first place, the optical mounts seem to be provisional, at the upper end we find a lighthouse ellipsoidal, next to 4-point LED. Under these, two small optical circular as we can see they also make an intermittent, complete the optical scheme front.


Rear very stealthy.

At the back we kept finding camouflage even on top of the drivers rear. By the shape of the camouflage and what appears behind the, sense lenses of horizontal type, in place of the usual vertical type. Though it shows a few small pilots to provisional installed in the pillar C.

This is another of the traits that are inherited from the Cadillac-Scale concept presented last summer of 2016. The positioning of the XT3 will be in what in Europe we call the C-SUV, models such as the Audi Q3 or the BMW X1. Although by size, will be much higher than these models.

Another detail that we can see in this unit, is that the lack of
camouflage in the front left to the sight of the intercooler, which confirms
the existence of a supercharged engine
. When you get to the market
mid-2018, will feature a 4-cylinder turbo, but also
you will have in the future a hybrid version plug-in.