Cadillac XT4: the new crossover premium continues its development at full speed


New Cadillac XT4.

The program of development of the new Cadillac XT4 is at full capacity. After having sighted several times in the united States, our photographers have been able to see it also in the north of Europe, making the tests of winter in environments of low temperatures.

The new model of the brand american comes to fight in the crossover segment premium, with a size clearly inferior to the Cadillac XT5 but also superior to that of its rivals. Some suggest that this is aimed at models like the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA, while others will point to a position one rung above these, at the same level as the X3 or GLC, the Suv of medium size. By size, the new XT4 could face both segments, it will be greater than these, however, the new strategy of Cadillac is introducing models with a size that is clearly superior to that of its rival logical.

The brand has already confirmed that we will see the new XT5 in Europe, although their natural habitat will be north America, the Middle East and China.


The prototypes continue to be very camouflaged.

Will be based on the platform D2XX General Motors, which we can find the new GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox, and as such, more than likely mount a series of 4-cylinder engines supercharged. In the case of the GMC, the highest version is the 2.0-liter turbo 255 HP (252 hp), so we can expect a similar performance, especially if we take into account that the greater XT5 has 310 horses.

In terms of the aesthetics we don’t expect to find surprises, will be very similar to the XT5, within the meaning of that suggest their forms camouflaged. This new unit that we have been able to photograph in the snow does not present any novelty with respect to the above that we have analyzed, with an extensive camouflage that it leaves the view practically nothing.

At the level of equipment we also find many similarities with the
, as the systems of security and comfort, so that probably
count with a very complete equipment.