Cadillac XT5 2016, in 5 keys: this is the crossover of the future, technological and sophisticated

Cadillac has unveiled the new XT5. It is the first of a new offensive of crossovers of all sizes. The XT5 will be the nucleus of the offensive, a clear replacement for the SRX, whose sales had already started slacking with the vigour of the renewed offer German and japanese. It will be presented to the public in the Lounge of Dubai in a few days, and soon you will land in the Hall of Los Angeles, where it will produce its implementation over the us. We are going to discover which provides us with this crossover premium in 5 keys. Can you guide us?.

1) An aesthetic continuity

Aesthetically there is no novelty against the filtration of a few months. It is a car from the aesthetics to be renewed, in accordance with the canons of Cadillac, but restrained. Restrained does not mean ugly or boring, by the way. The front is very elegant, thanks to a great calender and great optics. Avoids look like a brick with wheels thanks to a soft drop ceiling and behind is elegant to the couple that collected. It is a product that should like to the public: will be the Cadillac sold more for the whole range.

2) More light, more strong

in Addition to the lightness, the high-strength steel also allows a greater rigidity to the whole.

Cadillac XT5 is built on a new platform, and has been subjected to a harsh diet. Is 126 pounds lighter than the current Cadillac SRX and is 45 pounds lighter than the Audi Q5 equivalent, despite being a 17,5 cm long. This diet has been possible thanks to the extensive use of high-strength steel. A technique premiered in the chassis of the Cadillac ATS. The platform of the XT5 also has a battle superior to that of the SRX, which accommodates a larger interior for the passengers.

3) An interior technological and sophisticated

the interior of The Cadillac XT5 is more elegant than I expected. His aesthetic is minimalist, straight lines and elegant. Away from the usual aspect recharged from the Cadillac of yore in search of a greater usability and comfort. I like the inserts in natural wood, as well as the pretty design of the steering wheel. The instrumentation seems worthy of a plane. Following the trend marked by the ostentatious Escalade, Cadillac will offer a Platinum version for the XT5, which will be rife in chrome and luxury details.

4) A motor 3.6 V6 direct injection, powerful and efficient

If it reaches Europe, it will do so in limited numbers for select markets, as is the case with the German language.

Under the hood of the Cadillac XT5 inhabits a new V6 engine. Is a 3.6-liter direct-injection, able to develop comfortable figures: 310 HP and 366 Nm of torque. Is only associated to a gearbox of eight relations, which sends its power to all four wheels via an advanced all-wheel drive system: it can send 100% to each of the two axles, or the wheels of one side in case of need. In China, consumers will be able to order a Cadillac XT5 with engine 2.0 turbo 270 CV.

5) Technology in the service of visibility

In terms of the technology, one of the more interesting pieces is called “Rear Camera Mirror”. It is a high-definition display integrated in interior rear – . Using cameras located in the exterior, removing the pillars, the roof or the underbody of the car, greatly improving the visibility of the SUV. The system CUE infotainment is compatible with Apple Car Play or Android Auto, and allows you to create a WiFi hotspot using a SIM, compatible with 4G speeds.

In motor: