Cafe Racer Dreams, we visited his new showroom, the new “fort” of the coach in Madrid

Thursday, Madrid rises gray, cloudy. A few days ago that Cafe Racer Dreams opened a new showroom in the capital and, of course, a server had a rendezvous with your people to learn these new facilities, to get to know this friendly site, half way between store, workshop and chapel for the lovers of this new wave of cafe racers. Camera in hand, is the time to open the doors of this showroom and discover that it is baked in the new fort that has been mounted Cafe Racer Dreams .

In Spain, despite the usual impediments of legislation, we have a good scene of preparers with a great international impact: the Solo, Ad Hoc, and Fuel Motorcycles…

The door of the new showroom is waiting for me ajar. I’m in the neighborhood of Tetúan and already from the entrance, duly decorated, was a glimpse of a chassis and a moto means “packed”. Pery, Pedro García, the founder of Cafe Racer Dreams, I’d get together with Efra, the manager shape in the workshop to each project. In a few minutes they will take to prepare for a photo session of one of the bikes, a BMW that perches in the first line of this new showroom.

The project of Cafe Racer Dreams has been functioning since 2010 what you have lived fully for the birth and the rise of a movement that now boasts a good number of specialized publications, developers, brands of clothes and accessories… and have even been involved in the own signatures of motorcycles, such as Yamaha or BMW.

Within this current of preparation of motorcycles, customization, Cafe Racer Dreams, CRD, enjoys a good status at the international level, are of preparers more prominent within our borders, and have the approval of a usual major publications of the movement, such as Pipeburn or BikeExif.

Of those rockers from the 50’s to a customer looking for a single product, care, craft and flirt with the aesthetics rebellious paraphernalia and non-conformist of the “ton up boys”. The search for the “authentic” in the form of moto.

But let us return to the showroom…

cafe_racer_dreams_showroom_mdm_DM_23around this new showroom Cafe Racer Dreams you want to create a private club of owners and friends with dinners, courses to transform bikes, trips with the bikes…

This space is born by a side as a place of work, as well attested in the background, separated by a few crystals, the workshop or the office located on this, in a second floor well taken advantage of, but also as store, clothing, accessories, and as space in which to show some of the work of the brand. In addition there have already been any client is fortunate to have been delivered by one of his creations in this new showroom.

The walls are flanked by a pair of BMWs, on the table there is a bike more, to fund a Yamaha SR 250… Camera in hand, and scrutinized the stands in the crowd marks as Barbour, the own collection of clothing Cafe Racer Dreams or garments of the madrid Edmmond.

in Addition, there is no lack accessories for motorcycles, handlebars, grips, lights, manifolds, exhausts, tires…

cafe_racer_dreams_showroom_mdm_DM_1Pery boots BMW R100 RS, the twin floods the room with great sound, we say goodbye, it goes to the photo session, a few minutes after witness a photo on Instagram, a platform where they are quite active.

cafe_racer_dreams_showroom_mdm_DM_15My view continues with a step required for the workshop. There remains naked a sport on which they are working. Breaks pretty schemes usual classics with the work in CRD, the first features that can be glimpsed feel quite futuristic.

Fair to this new project there is another mount more, also practically naked, and beyond, in one of the walls, a drawing board on which to hang a lot of sketches.

cafe_racer_dreams_showroom_mdm_DM_10Cozy and classy, the showroom of Cafe Racer Dreams, C/Gonzalo Herrero 11, could not have a better appearance.

One more photo, one last snapshot from the top, from a loft where abounds with wood, and where we find a series of desks, working tables. praise to the showroom are required.

Under the stairs. A closer look at one of the BMW that there await. Simple and classic, two features are fully present in most of the preparations of CRD, attention to the minutest detail and simply spectacular. It is time to say goodbye to Efra, who works in the workshop, “a pleasure, I has been great” I say goodbye.

Yes, Madrid has a new place of worship to the cafe racers, a new site in which you have access to all the culture that surrounds this movement.