California does not want autonomous cars empty


Photo: Ed and Eddie (Flickr) CC BY SA

The current regulations, 2012, requires the car test to have an experienced driver on board, and to have all the controls by conventional if I had to take the controls. Is debating a reform that led to the technology and prohibit de facto driverless cars.

Companies like Google are working on cars that are fully autonomous and do not have neither steering wheel nor pedals. Would be such as taxis automated, at the service of those seeking their services. The department of motor vehicles California (DMV) puts a few requirements that would prevent that.

The new proposal requires that the cars have controls conventional and which are audited prior to obtaining licenses to circulate. These licenses shall be subject to the submission of reports on the use and the accident rate, with the aim of reconciling the safety of normal drivers with the robotics.

In California, are doing tests, manufacturers BMW, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Tesla and Volkswagen, in addition to the companies Bosch, Delphi or Google. If in California you can’t develop these cars, they will have to go to another party. In addition, to prevent the arrival of the “robotaxis” would restrict business opportunities.

At the end of January, the DMV will receive comments to its proposal, and we’ll see if they apply or not.