California studies prohibit combustion vehicles to 2040

The state of California intended that from the year 2040 the ban on the sale of vehicles, gasoline and diesel, so as to achieve to meet the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050.

Andhis week, a proposed law was submitted to the state of California in the united States, that proposes to put an end to the sale of cars with internal combustion, both for diesel and gasoline effective date January 1, 2040.

This project has as objective all the vehicles that are sold in California from 2040 to make use of technologies with zero emissions, prohibiting the sale of cars equipped with internal combustion engines, with the purpose of to reduce the emissions of polluting gases and greenhouse effect.

The proposal provides for some exceptions that will not be reached by the law, including the commercial vehicles with a weight more than four tons and the cars of people that arrive to California from other states.

although this proposal to which they called “Clean Cars by 2040” still needs to be approved, it shows the prominence of the state of California in the fight against climate change, with its constant support to the vehicles powered by alternative energies, as opposed to the national government, which of the hand of Donald Trump, it seems to go in another direction after the president decided to withdraw to the united States to the Paris Agreement.

Only in the state of California are sold every year more than 2 million vehicles, to put it in perspective, many, many, many most cars that are sold in the whole of Spain, which is a measure of high-impact in terms of reduce contamination carbon dioxide.

California already has set a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent in the year 2050 with respect to 1990 levels, and seems to have found the way to achieve to meet this goal by preventing the sale of vehicles of combustion. The project does not indicate as to proceed in the case of used vehicles, as well as with the classics, even if we assume that also there will be exceptions to this type of cars.