Call the Inquisition! This Chevrolet Camaro SS is owned by a turbodiesel truck

The Spanish Inquisition was in charge of administering “justice” the divine to those who believed sinners, blasphemers, enemies of God. The heretics were the worst part, burning at the stake at the orders of the terrifying Torquemada. The bloody Inquisitor General would have been delighted to bring to the bonfire Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 in this article. Instead of having your classic engine 6.2 V8 LS3 with 432 HP of power… has been replaced by a smoky turbo eight-cylinder.

The Chevrolet Camaro SS donor had no engine or gearbox, and was considered a total loss by the insurer.

maybe What Torquemada does not know is that this Camaro was purchased at a auction for very little money. Just had about 11,000 miles on its odometer when it was stolen and stripped of its engine and gearbox. Nathan Mueller bought the shell of the car, and decided that it would be a good idea to install a turbo Duramax in your engine bay. A small shuttle bus from airport was the donor, a Chevrolet Kodiak with a few years and thousands of miles to their backs. Initially, would the manual gearbox from Allison this bus.

chevrolet-camaro-ss-diesel-2The problem is that a block Duramax – turbodiesel eight-cylinder and 6.6-liter cubicaje – it is much bigger and heavier than a V8 petrol. They had to be fabricated anchors handcrafted for the engine, as well as to reduce the height of the front subframe several centimeters. Nathan spent a multitude of hours to fabricate by hand the different components necessary for the propeller, which ultimately required of an automatic transmission of six relations 6L90E to fit in the chassis of the Chevrolet Camaro.

His suspension has been lifted about five inches so it can accommodate under its hood, the huge propeller.

Interestingly, the rear differential from the Chevrolet Camaro is the standard, although its owner recognizes that his life has been shortened considerably with the torrent of torque that comes on top. The electronic control unit has been rescheduled and he has installed a new turbocharger of a larger size, as well as a line of escape entirely handmade. All in all, externally, only the discreet emblem which reads “Duramax Diesel” gives you clues about your engine. Until he wakes up with a roar, of course.

chevrolet-camaro-ss-diesel-1The final results have been 516 steaming horses of power – the engine was delivering about 350 HP in the Chevrolet Kodiak donor – and a dizzying torque of 1.416 Nm. The weight of the engine lastra a car with driver weighs nearly 2,100 kilograms. All in all, the car is nimble and responds properly to the commands of the right foot of Nathan Mueller. Many are frankly surprised to hear her rattle and see the huge black cloud that emanates from their exhaust five inches.

Several years were needed for this project arrived to its end.

Source: R&T