Called to review the Renault Zoe for a problem with the brakes

Renault Zoe

More than 10,000 units of the Renault Zoe have been calls to review.

A spokesman for Renault has announced a major call to review that affects a large number of units of one of their electric cars more sold. The Renault Zoe. In particular, it is a call to review affects a total of 10.649 units Zoe, all of them produced between the year 2012 and the October 6, 2014 in the company’s factory in Flins, near Paris (France).

If we take into account that to date they have produced something more than 42,000 units of the Renault Zoe, we see the magnitude of the problem that directly affects the brakes. Even better, let us enter into details. It is a few hoses (hoses) through which passes the brake fluid which, apparently, can break and, therefore, leave us with no brakes.

This spokesperson for the company gala ensures that are already being reviewed the first units and, if necessary, replace the hoses for the brake fluid. Obviously, and as is logical, the owners of a model affected will not have to deal with any expense as Renault will bear the cost of the repair if necessary. Renault also points out that, to this day, have no notification of accidents caused by this problem.

Renault Zoe

The problem that generated the call to review is related to the brakes.

Renault Zoe, an interesting alternative to the Nissan Leaf

Although in comparison with the Nissan Leaf, the little Zoe moves a very small number of registrations (at least in Spain), the truth is that it is situated as an alternative quite interesting, best selling electric, with sheet name. Currently in Spain, the Renault Zoe is available from the 21.625 euros for the termination of Life, although the range consists of three trim levels.

yes, must take into account that, unlike other electric on the market, the Renault Zoe requires a payment by way of rent of the batteries you are using. Has a engine R240 with 88 HP and 220 Nm maximum torque that can reach a maximum speed of 135 km/h. In addition, it approves a autonomy of 240 km. On the other hand, we will be able to recharge its batteries to 80% in only an hour by making use of charging points of 22 kW and 43 kW.

standard equipment on the Renault Zoe, set by the finish Life, is composed among other elements, ESP, ABS, EBD, TCS, multiple airbags, daytime running lamps, LED, TPMS, climate control intelligent, radio CD/MP3 player, Bluetooth connection & USB, electric windows (front), system R-Link and central locking with remote control.