Cameras of 360 ° will arrive at the F1 cars in 2018


cameras that incorporate the cars at present serve for a closer look the movements of the pilots aboard the cockpit, and in night racing, in which the luminosity decreases, even the indications that shows the steering wheel on the screen. However, with the implementation of the Halo in 2018 as a confirmed fact despite the reluctance of the members of the grill, the insight it provides is reduced.

To solve this setback, and after conducting several tests throughout this year in different cars, the Formula 1 will be put into operation cameras that record in all directions in a strategic position. “we’ll have cameras of 360 ° on the chassis of the car of the year that comes”, confirmed Andrew Green. The technical director of Force India said that these cameras “will offer a different perspective on things”, and also confessed that “will be right in front of the Halo”.

The rest of the cameras that assembled the cars currently adapt to the new circumstances is this instrument used to reinforce the safety of the riders, while Green certifies that “the only one that will change position because of the Halo will be the high-speed camera, which is pointed to by the pilot in case of accident”. The Formula 1 is the pinnacle of automotive technology, so that the leaders of the premier class have decided to equip the cars with a measure that has been perfected recently.

The view from the other cameras around the Halo are obstructed, something more for the Halo, do not imply an improvement of

“I don’t think that this material is immediately available or see so often, to tell the truth”. The television broadcast is one of the key aspects to Liberty Media, a section in which they have put their look to improve the quality of the material they receive the amateur in house, committed by those who consider that the engine of the sport, the fans of Formula 1. “The view from the other cameras around the Halo are obstructed, something more for the Halo, do not represent an improvement”, concluded Green.