Can a Nissan GT-R 1200 BHP to beat a superbike Kawasaki ZX-10R?

duels of acceleration between bikes and cars tend to be the most interesting. Normally the bikes tend to be the winners, their relationship to power-to-weight requires the car against the face have a power disproportionate. Some time ago we saw a Kawasaki Ninja H2R of 326 HP and melted without hesitation to a Bugatti Veyron to 1,200 HP. Today, it is a Kawasaki ZX-10R from the Tourist Trophy which is facing a beastly Nissan GT-R, powered by Litchfield to the 1,200-HP. What will happen, what mystery will there be?

The GT-R has the power of a Veyron, but with less weight and a streamlined system of traction.

who will be the big night? Although the superbike Kawasaki has a engine of a litre and 205 HP, its weight reaches 200 pounds. Its weight-to-power is devastating, but to extract their maximum essence is not an easy task: you do not have traction control or anti-wheelie, it’s all based on the skill of the pilot. The Nissan GT-R may have some advantage thanks to a system of all-wheel drive that allows you to make some outputs flashing. And its weight-to-power is not so distant to that of the bike.

Before continuing, see the video that we have on these lines. As you can see, superbike does not offer the Nissan GT-R not a single hint of success, and that taking into account that the Nissan makes this quarter of a mile very quickly, in about 10 seconds. There were No possibilities, even taking into account that the output of the pilot of the bike was not perfect. In this video he explains the tricks of the race, the bike shifts to second before of time and the traction control on the GT-R is disabled in the third.

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